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Product model BX-5A1
Product status The latest 5th generation products,put into market on March 28,2012.
Control area Single color32K:2048*16 1024*32 672*48 512*64
Dual color16K:1024*16 512*32 336*48 256*64
Memory storage  2MByte
Screen types All kinds of  single and double colors LED screen
Software function Screens cluster management/multi-program/multi-areas display/multi-languages
Program type Normal/Shared program
Program quantity Support 128 programs,8 areas for each program
Area  type Image/text/animation/lunar calendar/digital clock/analogue clock
/timer/temperature/temperature & humidity
Frame mode Most advanced colorful / magic graphics frame/Area frame
Background Support colorful and active background
Time mode Analogue clock/digital clock/timing and counting-down timer (support multi-groups)
Communication mode S232/RS485,stanard RS232,customized RS485
Interface 2 nos T8 and 4 nos T12
Sensors supported  Temperature /humidity
Remote control Remote control program/lock screen/brightness adjustment/power on/off /screen test
Bright regulation 16 grades brightness, manual and auto-timing adjustment/remote control
Power on/off mode Auto-timing powered on/off /remote control
Voltage  5V (3.5V~6V wide voltage)
Maximum power  ≤1W
Temperature -40°C~80°C
Secondary development Provide the DLL and corresponding demos
Software LedshowTW2014
User manual LEDshowTW 2014 software user manual


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